Listener Reviews of A Brief Chat

“I’m really loving the new podcast.”

— Sarah in PA

“Finding your chats very interesting…makes me wish we could have a coffee and chat.”

— Taneen in Alberta

“Your new podcast is very thought-provoking. I kind of want it to be 15-20 minutes, because that’s the length of my drive.”

— Julie in WA

“Listened to your first episode and it reminded me of something my friend says all the time: ‘What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?'”

— Sarah in PA (a different one)

“Hi I wanted to tell you that I binged all your eps today and I loved it so, so much. I cried. You’re talking about issues I think about all the time and it can feel so lonely. Thank you for making me feel less alone and for being the thoughtful, kind, loving force you are.”

— Missy in OH

“This [August 9, 2019 episode] got me thinking about – and Googling – alternatives to policing.”

— Colleen in PA

“I’m digging my friend @JasonDCrane’s new podcast. This [August 5, 2019] conversation in particular, grappling with anticapitalism from the point of view of opting in, opting out. I think about opting in, opting out all the time.”

— Vince in MA

“This [July 30, 2019] podcast episode really made me LOL. Truth, justice, and the American way according to @JasonDCrane.”

— Dave in England

“I rated this 5 stars, even though there are shows I’ve enjoyed regularly for much longer, to help boost the show. But that got me thinking about how we seem to speak in superlatives and hyperbole for the sake of cutting through the noise and/or hacking some kind of system that should be totally scrapped, cannibalized, and rebuilt from scratch. If you think about things like that, you will like this podcast. Jason has some big ideas that he doesn’t need to sensationalize or insult anybody to get across. Which is refreshing in 2019. He’s like that friend who you call (on the phone!) when you have a personal dilemma to dissect and solve, because he won’t tell you what you want to hear but he’ll engage in a unique way with fresh perspectives.”

— anonymous Apple Podcasts review

“It’s great to hear Jason’s voice again. I used to enjoy his ‘Traffic Jam’ show on a local Jazz radio station in Rochester NY years back. This podcast is the perfect length for a quick detour from your day for an interesting perspective on something unexpected. The ‘Law and Order’ episode took a great twist!”

— Tom on Apple Podcasts

“I find myself either almost tearing up, or actually crying on some of these. No pretense, just another human sharing who they are with us and by way of that letting us know that we are not alone in how we’re experiencing life.”

— anonymous Apple Podcasts review

“We’ve all had big ideas that we struggle to manifest in our lives, truths that we want so badly to live out. I love how Jason gives us a window into how he’s grappling with one of those thoughts: how to escape from the very real threat capitalism presents to our lives, which is that it gobbles up waaaaay too much of our time. From showing up to work to tending our ‘things,’ many of us are stuck in a loop that feeds only itself without giving us much — meaning, joy, satisfaction, etc. — in return. If you’ve ever just wanted ‘out’ of that system (whether you think it’s viable to do so or not), I think you’ll enjoy going along with Jason on this exploration!”

— anonymous Apple Podcasts review