ABC #117: Poetry Fridays with Albert Glover

In which the wonderful and somewhat mysterious poet Albert Glover reads from his forthcoming book, Gone as Well.

Albert’s statement about himself: “The poet Charles Olson, my best teacher and mentor, has been a major influence. I have also been privileged to study with Robert Creeley, Robert Duncan, Basil Bunting, Hugh Kenner, and Jeremy Prynne. My poems exist in print upon the page for an imaginary reader willing to work through some of the allusions I often depend upon. I have also given much energy to collaborative writing in various forms, A Curriculum of the Soul, a work of epic proportions, being the best example of that interest. I learned to believe in self-publishing from Robert Duncan who had grown tired of dickering with editors and publishers. Most of my work as well as an author’s page are available at”

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